Plastic Moulding Techniques

The plastic is synthetically produced non-metallicmaterial. Plastic can mold into various product forms and hardened for commercial and industrial use. Plastic made products are easily seen in our daily life. The plastic products we use like jars, protective caps, bottles, toys, kitchen utensils, accessories and many more.

We cannot imagine our daily life without plastic products. Our daily product like Keyboard and mouse also made with plastic molding.

The molds are used to form various plastic products like bottles, water tank, cabinets, barriers, barricades, traffic signage, garden pots and many more.

Plastic Moulding Techniques, Process Types:

If you want to start a plastic moulding process, you should have to understand the different processes first. Choose one of the plastic moulding machine according to your budget.

Blow Moulding

low moulding process, air pressure is used to inflate the molten plastic into the mould cavity. This process is most popular and used to make one-piece plastic products like bottles and containers.

The blow moulded items are widely used in consumer beverages and manufacturers arrange the production for maximum numbers.

Blow Moulding Materials and Products

The polyethylene (PE) is an ideal for blow moulding process as it has high density and high molecular weight polyethylene.

Materials used for blow moulding:

  • Polypropylene
  • Polyvinylchloride (PVC)
  • Polyethylene terephthlate

Injection Moulding

The injection moulding process contains the injection of mould the parison instead of extrusion. It has low production rate than the extrusion process.

The process has the below steps.

  • Injection-mould the parison around a blowing rod.
  • Inflate the soft polymer to the mould.
  • Open the mould and remove the product.

The plastic moulding process is a very difficult and technical process which cannot be done by everyone. It requires proper knowledge about various materials and knows the process in every stage.

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