What is the calorific value? Types Of Calorific Value, Definition

What is the calorific value: The amount of energy produced by the complete combustion of a material or fuel. Unit of Calorific Value is Joule per kg (J/kg). Calorific Value is a characteristic of fuel, based on this number, a fuel is selected for a particular application and price is also decided based on CV. … Read moreWhat is the calorific value? Types Of Calorific Value, Definition

Stefan–Boltzmann Law

Stefan-Boltzmann law, states that the total radiant heat energy emitted from a surface is proportional to the fourth power of its absolute temperature. The radiation energy per unit time from a black body is proportional to the fourth power of the absolute temperature and can be expressed with Stefan-Boltzmann Law as: The Stefan-Boltzmann Constant. Radiate energy = (Emissivity) * (Stefan-Boltzmann … Read moreStefan–Boltzmann Law

Modes Of Heat Transfer

Did you know that heat could be transferred between two bodies at different temperatures? we will look into the thermal properties of matter and will discuss Different Modes of Heat Transfer. Heat is a form of energy which transfers between bodies which are kept under thermal interactions. When a temperature difference occurs between two bodies … Read moreModes Of Heat Transfer