Plastic Moulding Techniques

The plastic is synthetically produced non-metallicmaterial. Plastic can mold into various product forms and hardened for commercial and industrial use. Plastic made products are easily seen in our daily life. The plastic products we use like jars, protective caps, bottles, toys, kitchen utensils, accessories and many more. We cannot imagine our daily life without plastic … Read morePlastic Moulding Techniques

Strain Stress Curve For Mild Steel

Before entering the main topic of the Stress Strain Curve we have to know about stress and strain. What is stress? The term stress (s) is used to express the loading in terms of force applied to a certain cross-sectional area of an object. From the perspective of loading, stress is the applied force or system of … Read moreStrain Stress Curve For Mild Steel

Mechanical Properties Of Metals | Engineering Properties

Materials properties are subject to an external force when they are used. Mechanical Engineers calculate these forces and material scientists how materials deform or break as a function of force, time, temperature, and other conditions. Materials scientists learn about these mechanical properties by testing materials. In this post, we share mechanical Properties of Materials. Mechanical … Read moreMechanical Properties Of Metals | Engineering Properties