What is vibration? Types Of Vibration, Definition

Definition РWhat does Vibration mean? Vibration refers to rapid or oscillating movements which, in the workplace, are often transferred to workers via work equipment and processes, such as drills, jack-hammers, and other machinery.

Different Types Of Vibration:

Vibrations are rapid back and forth movements of objects. People at work frequently subjected to different types of vibrations.

  1. Free Vibration
  2. Forced Vibration

Forced vibration:

The vibration that takes place under the excitation of external force is called forced vibration. If excitation is harmonic, the system is forced to vibrate at the excitation frequency. If the frequency of excitation coincides with one of the natural frequencies of the system, a condition of resonance is encountered and dangerously large oscillation may result.

Thus the calculation of natural frequencies is of major importance in the study of vibration.

Damping has a very little effect on the natural frequency of the system l, and hence the calculation of natural frequencies are generally made on the basis of no damping.

Free vibration:

Free vibration takes place when a system oscillates under the action of forces inherent in the system itself due externally applied forces are absent. The system under free vibration will vibrate at one or more of its natural frequencies.

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