What is heat transfer, Definition, Formula, Mechanical Engineering

What is heat transfer? Definition, Formula

What is Heat Transfer?

Heat transfer may be defined as the transmission of energy from one region to another as a result of the temperature difference between them. Heat transfer is usually expressed in Joules. 
Heat transfer is a process function (or path function), as opposed to functions of state; therefore, the amount of heat transferred in a thermodynamic process that changes the state of a system depends on how that process occurs.
What is heat transfer? Definition, Formula
During the study if thermodynamics, it is found necessary to distinguish between the thermal energy is stored and that in transit from one system to another. The former is known as internal energy while the latter as heat.

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Heat Transfer Formula:

Heat transfer formula is used in problems to find the heat transfer taking place for any given material.
 Heat Transfer Formula

Modes Of Heat Transfer: 

  • Conduction
  • Convection
  • Radiation

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