What is boiler? Different Types Of Boiler

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What is boiler

A boiler may be a closed vessel, that is formed by metal, during which water is regenerate into steam by victimization the warm energy of fuel. It will generate steam at need temperature, pressure and also the heat generation rate.

What is boiler Different Types Of Boiler

According to the A.S.M.E. the boiler is outline as ” a mix of equipment for manufacturing, finishing and ill  heat beside the equipment for the transferring the warmth therefore created out there for the fluid being heated and gaseous.”

Boiler working process & Principle


In a boiler, the warmth energy of the flue gases transfer to the water through convection. The fuel is burnt within the chamber that produces flue gases. These flue gases hop over the water containing in shell or tube in keeping with the sort of boiler. the warmth of the flue gases transfer to the water and convert it into steam. this is often the fundamental principle of boiler.

Boiler is just a heat exchange during which, water is figure as cold fluid and also the flue gases works as hot fluid. the warmth is transfer from hot fluid to cold fluid through convection that will increase the energy of water and convert it into steam. 
To understand operating of a boiler, thought of a instrumentality [*fr1] crammed with water. The fuel is burn and also the flue gases flow over the instrumentality as shown in figure. These gases heat the water and convert it into steam. This steam taken out from a tube located face of the instrumentality. because the steam taken out from instrumentality, the equal quantity of water is feed into the instrumentality by the feed valve that maintain the boiler pressure unchanged.

Different Types Of Boiler:

There are many types of boilers. These are as follow.

According to the axis of boiler:

1. Horizontal boiler
2. Vertical boiler:
3. Inclined boiler:

According to fire:
1. Externally Fired boiler
2. Internally fired boiler

According to pressure of boiler:
1. High Pressure boiler
2. Low pressure boiler

According to circulation of water:
1. Forced circulation boiler
2. Natural circulation boiler

According to circulation of gases:
1. Fire tube boiler
2. Water tube boiler

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