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What is 3D Printing? Process, Technologies and Techniques

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3D Printing Process, Technologies and Techniques

3D printing is additionally referred to as additive manufacturing process that creates a physical object from a digital design. This term accurately describes however this technology works to form objects. “Additive” refers to the sequential addition of skinny layers between sixteen to associated eighty} microns or a lot of to form an object. In fact, all 3D printing technologies are similar, as they construct associate degree object layer by layer to form complicated shapes.
What is 3D Printing  Process, Technologies and Techniques
What is 3D Printing  Process, Technologies and Techniques

How will 3D Printing Work ?

There square measure three main steps in 3D printing.
1. The first step is that the preparation simply before printing, once you style a 3D file  of the thing you wish to print.  This 3D file will be created victimization CAD code , with a 3D scanner or just downloaded from a web marketplace. Once you have got checked that your 3D file is prepared to be written , you’ll be able to proceed to the second step.
2. The second step is that the actual writing.  First, you wish to settle on that material can best come through the precise properties needed for your object. the range of materials employed in 3D printing is incredibly broad. It includes plastics, ceramics, resins, metals, sand, textiles, bio materials, glass, food and even satellite dust! Most of those materials additionally yield lots of finishing choices that modify you to realize the precise style result you had in mind, and a few others, like glass as an example, square measure still being developed as 3D printing material and don’t seem to be simply accessible however.
3. The third step is that the finishing method. This step needs specific skills and materials. once the thing is 1st written, typically it can’t be directly used or delivered till it’s been sanded, lacquered or painted to complete it as meant.
The material chosen for the project can confirm that printing ways square measure best suited. Among these, the foremost unremarkable used techniques for every cluster of materials square measure delineated  next.

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