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What is steam condenser?

Steam Condenser are devices in which the exhaust steam from the steam engines or steam is condensed b means of cooling water. The condensate thus formed tougher with the air and other non-condensable gases is continuously removed by pumps or other slimier devices.

Steam Condenser - Definition, Working, Types Of Condenser - Mechanicalworld

Types of Condenser:

Condenser may be classified into two major groups according to the manner in which the cooling water cools and condenses the exhaust steam.
  1. Jet Condensers
  2. Surface Condenser
  3. Jet Condensers
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Jet Condenser:

Jet condenser are used at place where, these is an ample quantity of fresh water available. Jet condenser required high power to operate the pump.

Types Of Jet Condenser:
  1. Low level or counter flow jet condenser
  2. High Level or barometric condenser
  3. Ejector condenser

Surface Condenser:

Surface condenser, which is most used in industries, has an important advantages over jet condenser is that does not mix up with the cooling water, thus can be used in the boiler. Gate 2019 Admit Card Download

Types Of Surface Condenser:
  1. Down flow surface condenser
  2. Central slow surface sondenser

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